Silane Gas Detection By GAS ALARM SYSTEMS

News Date: 09 Aug 2017

Category: Buildings

Silane is a versatile gas and has a unique capability as coupling agents.

Silane Gas Detection

The usage of Silane is therefore growing tremendously worldwide in various industries such as semiconductor, flat panel display, photovoltaic cell and glass manufacturing. With the increasing use of Silane, fatal incidents also have occurred in past twenty years. Why? Let’s analyse.

Silane is a colourless, flammable gas with a sharp repulsive smell. Heavier than the air, it can create asphyxiating environments by replacing the oxygen in poorly ventilated areas. If inhaled, it can cause irritations to the skin, the eyes and the respiratory tracts. Yet, the major hazard remains is explosiveness.

Silane Gas (SiH4) in “natural conditions” is a pyrophoric and volatile gas which can spontaneously ignite on contact with air without any external ignition source, and is almost invisible to the human eye.

A number of fatal industrial accidents produced by combustion and detonation of leaked silane in air have been reported. These silane leaks mostly have resulted from poor procedures, practices, and equipment.

Despite the dangers, Silane gas is essential. Hence from the safety perspective and preventing Silane explosion, the first step is to prevent the accumulation of unignited Silane through the use of proper ventilation or open air storage.

The most effective measure to quickly detect the unignited silane leaks is by installing a gas sensor. The gas sensor readings should be continuously observed and under fault/alarm conditions necessary corrective actions can be immediately initiated.

For the safety of the plant and personnel, wherever Silane gas is used, storage and handling of Silane should follow certain safety regulations. GasAlarm presents Silane Gas detection sensor with the start of art design providing an accurate measurements of the excessive concentrations.

It provides continuous measurements of gas concentrations and in case of hazards alerts the people working in the concerned area.

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