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Portable Eyewashes

Enhance your safety with Enware’s range of non-plumbed solutions.


Eye/Face Wash flush hazardous contaminants and skin irritants from face and eyes. VERTECH™ Technology
ensures effective cleansing of contaminants.


Re-designed for improved performance and greater capacity!


Sealed-Blok SRL lowers cost of ownership and maximises work site versatility!

Paperless field service applications on Zebra Technologies rugged devices

Pervidi paperless field service application allows real time automation when used in conjunction with rugged mobile devices by Zebra Technologies.

Abseil Rail Systems

The RoofSafe Rail product is best suited to modern building projects, in particular for roof fall protection, roof access and as an anchor point for suspended work positioning for external façade access, inspection and maintenance.

Access Systems: Walkways, Handrails and Ladders

Whether you need a roof leak fixed, an air conditioner unit repaired, or top of building aesthetics repaired straight away, an Access System will be required for any maintenance to be completed at the top of the building.

Confined Space

RIGCOM Access’s Confined Space Teams are specially trained and certified to work in confined spaces. It is not worth the risk or the dangers to work in a confined space or to subject your team.

Safety & Access Consultations

Safety & Access Consultations help businesses identify hazards in the workplace and eliminate the risk of all possible injuries at mining sites. These consultation services establish a healthy working environment for the workers.

Mining Plant Access

Accidents due to misuse, or the provision of improper/inadequate means of access to Workplace Plant and Machinery can have catastrophic effect and results.

Intrinsically safe mobile device for compliance inspection

In technical terms the C1D2 rugged cases allow the use of the following mobile devices to record safety inspection results: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s; iPads including mini iPads and iPad air; and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Aerosol Can Safety Storage Cage

Use Global Spill Control's brand new range of Aerosol Can Safety Storage Cages to keep your employees safe and your aerosol cans from being stolen. These cages ensure site safety during building or construction project.