Premium Lightweight Terrazzo Giant Egg by TOPEZ WHOLESALE

Premium Designer Range of Fibreglass Terrazzo perfect for outdoor and indoor application.
  • Premium Lightweight Terrazzo Giant Egg by TOPEZ WHOLESALE, VIC 3016

Up to 4 times the wall thickness of our standard lightweight, additional reinforcement of walls for extra strength and durability.

Colours -

  • Black/Charcoal Terrazzo
  • White Terrazzo
  • Matte Grey

5 sizes - 

  • Size 1: 400 x 340 H mm
  • Size 2: 500 x 420 H mm
  • Size 3: 630 x 520 H mm Best Seller
  • Size 4: 750 x 630 H mm
  • Size 5: 900 x 750 H mm

When exterior dulls due to sun exposure, lightly coat with vaseline/petroleum jelly.

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