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CS Series single column force tester

Bestech offers the CS Series single column force tester – one of the lowest priced testers available for simple force testing up to 5kN.

Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet - 450L

The STOREMASTA PS4508SS Large Capacity Indoor Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet has a 450L storage capacity. It features the SAFE-T-CLOSE sequential closing system and it is constructed in full conformance to AS3780-2008.


Innovative modular cable troughing solution by CUBIS Systems.

Cave Letterbox

The Cave Letterbox is designed to be installed into walls.

Cut In Aluminium House Number Plates

Aluminium plates with the numbers/words cut through the plate and highlighted from behind with an alternate solid material.

Compact Capacitive Displacement Sensor System

Bestech Australia offers the capaNCDT 6110, a compact single-channel system capable of thickness, coordinates, level, tilt, and vibration measurements.


A new style of cantilevered shade that looks great and can be used anywhere. The compact, prefabricated kit makes it very easy to install, taking approximately 4-6 hours.