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Kerb Ramp

The Safety Xpress Kerb Ramp (also known as curb ramps) is made of solid black rubber and is designed to make make life easier when accessing areas over a concrete kerb such as hard to reach driveways or gardeners wheeling barrows or carts.

Keep cool with THORZT Chill Towels

The harsh Australian climate can make working outdoors and on construction sites tough. THORZT Chill Towels are an ideal solution to combat hot and "stuffy" conditions — keeping you cool for hours so you can get on with the job.

KA023 3/4 Wing Revolving Door

KA023 3/4 wing revolving doors are suitable for the main entrance and exit in hotels, office buildings and commercial buildings.

Kayar Rubber Floor Covering

SPECTRUM CONTRACT rubber flooring is safe for the environment at every stage of its life, from production to storage, from initial installation to use and to eventual disposal.

King Park Setting

This highly popular freestanding setting has set the standard across Australia with its robust and durable performance. It provides comfortable seating for large gatherings and can seamlessly fit into any outdoor environment.

Kuranda Bench

The Kuranda bench is a simple, clean looking seat utilising natural Kwila timber planks with subtle contouring to the front of the seat. This durable backless bench with impressive design elements works well in outdoor settings.

KonnectLock High Security GPS/ GSM Alarm notification padlock

KonnectLock is the ultimate gatekeeper strong, smart and user-friendly, our next generation of high security GPS/ GSM Alarm padlock, for a real-time event notification of where your assets are and when they’ve been accessed.

KATT Access Ladders

KATT Access Ladder is an ideal solution at workplace specifically used for those requiring access to rooftop plant and equipment. This ladder is light in weight and mostly used at buildings or construction site.

Kilargo Energy Management

Kilargo Energy Management helps businesses cut energy costs through smart processes and practical tools that work. We partner with supermarkets, hotels and a wide range of small to medium size businesses to monitor and manage their energy use.

Kingsgrove Seat

The Kingsgrove seat takes all the design features of the Riverside with the added luxury of plantation sourced and pre-oiled Kwila timber slats. This seat requires periodic coating with an outdoor oil to maintain its natural timber look.

Knick Portavo Portable Analyser

Knick presents the world's only portable analyzer in a water-proof polished stainless steel housing with IP 67 protection.

Keller Series 41 /-41X Low Pressure Transmitters

The Keller Series 41 /-41X Low Pressure Transmitters presented by Bestech Australia measure low pressure, such as in water tanks, utilizing ceramic measurement technology and the well established Series 30 digital electronics.