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Neopower roof mounted solar hot water

Also known as close couple system, means both solar collector and storage tank are mounted on the roof. It uses natural thermasiphon effect to automatically circulate hot water from collectors to tank, and is ideal for limited ground space.

Newington Seat

The Newington Seat is one of Scully Outdoor Design's best seating options, thanks to its innovative storage options.

NHP's smart energy management controller

When it comes to the ideal web-server based solution for monitoring small to medium size installations, NHP offers an Energy Management Controller (EMC) that is sure to fit your needs.

NHP Motor Control

Incorporating a greater use of sophisticated electronic control and monitoring, NHP’s motor control offering is one of the most technically advanced, reliable and comprehensive available on the market.

NHP Medium Voltage Solutions

NHP offer the ultimate personnel safety and asset protection with a complete range of medium voltage products and solutions, combined with long term support and service you can rely upon.

NHP Guardmaster® 442G Multifunctional Access Box

NHP is pleased to release the Allen-Bradley® Guardmaster® 442G Multifunctional Access Box, an integrated access control and guard locking device which provides a complete safeguarding solution.

NHP Smart Sensors

NHP is proud to introduce cutting edge technology to complement our already extensive range of sensors, enabling easy integration into the Connected Enterprise.

NHP's wireless range

NHP are proud to be able to provide a reliable suite of wireless switches and sensors that allow design flexibility and lower cost for installations that require long cable runs.

NHP InfoSyte

NHP is pleased to announce the partnership with local IoT experts, Switch Automation, to deliver InfoSyte, an exclusive energy management software solution from NHP tailored for the Australian and New Zealand markets, effective October 2016.


The NHP MOD6 range of consumer switchboards and circuit protection consists of a flexible and extensive range of products for the ever changing demands of switchboard design.


The N2- Blast is designed and manufactured by South-Tek Systems for Fire Safety at buildings, the leader in nitrogen generation technology. This generates and introduces 98%+ pure Nitrogen into the Dry or Preaction Fire Protection System.

Newport Recliner Seat

Newport Recliner Seat, Model: FY-100XR. 2100mm long.