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QUATTRO LED Downlight with 4 Interchangeable Trims

Rated for IC-4 Abutted and Covered usage to allow for covering with thermal insulation.

Quick Lock System

The original ProRig designed Quick Lock System offers you one of the most streamline wire balustrade systems available on the market.

QPR Quality Pavement Repair for Utility Cuts and Pothole Repair

QPR Quality Pavement Repair for Utility Cuts and Pothole Repair is a permanent asphalt repair for potholes, utility cuts and damaged asphalt on the roads. This road maintenance product is made in Australia to the highest standards.


QuadGuard® crash cushions are available to shield hazards from 610mm to 3200mm wide, and for speeds from 40km/h to 120km/h. Each QuadGuard® System consists of crushable, energy-absorbing cartridges surrounded by a framework of exclusive steel panels.

Quietspace® Acoustic Foam Baffle Absorber

Sound Reverberation control including large areas. Typical overall noise reduction up to 10-12dB, representing a reduction in noise levels around 50%


QR-Stone is a special range of loose aggregates in a larger size to suit all of your landscaping needs. Being a loose aggregate, it is both easy to apply and make an instant difference to the appearance of your outdoor areas.


Quickscaff is fully compatible with Kwikstage.

Quick Scaffolding

Our Quick Scaffolding has many features and benefits and targets a variety of industries.

Quadro Tree Grille

Quadro Tree Grille is carefully designed with parallel lines. The Quadro Tree Grille will be the finishing touch to any paved area.

QuietX® Sound Absorption Panel System

QuietX® sound absorption panel system is revolutionising the traditional way of combating reverberated sound, for indoor areas wherever people congregate or meet.

QuietWave® BioFoam Drywall Noise Barrier

Exposure to noise due to lack of quality soundproofing, can disturb our work, interfere with concentration and thought processes and relaxation or sleep disturbance. Acoustica's high performance QuietWave® BioFoam Drywall system will reduce noise.

Quickbund Portable Bunding System

The Quickbund Portable Bunding System is designed to provide a contained area for storage and decanting of liquids including oils, caustics acids and fuels.