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Sigma8 concealed cistern

Geberit concealed cisterns provide a choice of design options including a wall hung toilet which allows for uninterrupted tiling, giving the appearance of space.

Shared Zone Signs

2 options available - 5 and 10.

Speed Hump Sign

Material: Aluminium Reflective Class 1.

Speed Restriction signs

5km and 10km options available.

Safety Cone - 1M

1M High Safety Cone with white reflective sleeve and heavy duty 6kg base.

Speed Hump - Heavy Duty Steel - 1M Section

Heavy Duty Steel Speed Humps come in 1 metre modules and installed along side each other to form the speed hump length you need.

Speed Hump - Ultimate Heavy Duty 100 Tonne

The “Ultimate” Speed Hump 100 Tonne Load Capacity - Complies with Australian Standard 2890.1: 2004.

Speed Hump - 50 Tonne

Our 50 Tonne speed hump is made made from a high strength nylon plastic designed for durability which won't chip, rust or crack. 'Clip Together' design for easy bolt down D.I.Y. installation.

Surface primer for tactiles

Polyurethane adhesive used in conjunction with the Peel and Stick tactile.

Stair Nosing - Securatread Corrugated Natural

The Securatread anodised aluminium corrugated stair nosing has a 10mm front and is recommended for general indoor & outdoor environments with medium to high traffic areas.