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VERTIgo Spiral Door

EBS sets itself ambitious targets in the areas of insulation, noise and pricing.

Traditionally, two doors are often mounted in frequently used exterior openings; an insulated door for use at night and a high speed door that is used during the day.

Vertex solar area & street light

Mission critical solar street & area lighting for organisations that value reliability & lower total cost of life over a low upfront price. The first and only to be backed with a five year performance guarantee.

VersiWall GT - Fire rated Greenwall system

VersiWall GT is a fire rated greenwall system. Manufactured from anodised aluminium, it is deigned to meet fire safety requirements.

Vantage Swing Gate Opener

12vdc swing gate motor for domestic and industrial gates. The Vantage's mechanical gearing combined with leading-edge controls and inbuilt electronic limits system maintains precise control of the opening and closing of the gate for greater security.


Protecta Group’s industrial vacuums, safety vacuums and commercial vacuums are designed to be robust and powerful in order to clean large areas at building construction sites.

Vibration Meter - CV:31A Revo

The CV:31A Revo Vibration Meter provides a simple and convenient way to measure, analyse and assess vibration data in accordance with standards such as ISO 5349 and European Directive 2002/44/EC. Hand-Arm Vibration, Whole-Body Vibration & Machinery.

Vortex Mixer

Blend Materials Quickly, Evenly & Efficiently, with no Time Consuming Clean Up!

VRS Squirrel Series Portable Work Platforms

The VRS Squirrel Series brings the safety and efficiency of the VRS platform adjustability right down to the office, home, apartment building....or any other relatively confined space.

VRS Monkey Series Heavy Duty Platforms

The extremely maneuverable, height-adjustable VRS Monkey Series is ideal for tight workshops and sites with limited workspace. These versatile heavy duty access platforms have five height settings and a cantilevered deck.

VRS Giraffe Series Heavy Duty Access Platforms

Incredibly versatile and tough, the award-winning VRS Giraffe Series Heavy Duty Access Platform replaces several conventional platform stairs with one ingenious multi-use unit.

Venturi Blowers - Plastic

The Plastic Venturi Blowers are a perfect ventilation solution to moving air in refineries, utility and power plants, shipyards, paper and pup plants, the marine and steel industry and manhole operations.

VULKAN High Bay luminaire Thor

Thor is a long life LED High Bay light fitting for a typical useful life of over 25 years. Applications are the illumination of public spaces and halls. Virtually maintenance free and a energy saving potential of over 70%. Rated IP66 for in/outdoor.