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Z16 Shade Cloth

Z16 Shade cloth is a premium shade cloth fabric used for solar protection shade sails.

Ziptrak® Blinds

Simply the best track guided blind system on the market, Ziptrak® blinds are a premium style and contemporary design.

Zero Threshold Drains

Our Zero Threshold Drains are designed to enable an entirely flat, step-less connection between indoor and outdoor
living and entertaining areas. Styles available include a 7 Bar Grate, 9 Bar Grate, Slot and Tile Insert Tray

Zilmet Expansion Tanks

Specialist Zilmet tank suppliers in Australia.

Zebra TC75 Touch Computer for field service applications

Pervidi paperless field service application allows real time automation when used in conjunction with the new TC 75 by Zebra Technologies. Maximum data entry flexibility with an industry-leading dual mode touch panel.

Zeolite Floorsweep - ZEO10

Global Spill Control's Zeolite Floorsweep - ZEO10 absorbent is ideal for road side spills, service stations, maintenance workshops, parking areas, re-fueling areas, paint & panel shops and automotive workshops.

Zone Controller

Controller for the continuous monitoring of the occupancy status of the parking spaces in a parking garage. The Zone Controller can monitor up to 3 bus systems with 32 ultrasonic sensors of the PU-02 series via the RS 485 bus.

Zipwall Containment Barrier System

Our Zipwall Containment Barrier System is the professional solution for creating a temporary containment and protection barrier. The applications for this proven system are vast and unique.

Zealseal™ 4000 System

The Miska Zealseal™ System provides a waterproof, trafficable seal utilizing Zealcrete LV™ epoxy elastomeric concrete as the armor nosing to support the Zealseal™ expansion foam.

Zealseal™ Systems

Zealseal™ is a nitrogen blown, closed cell, cross linked polyethylene
material which conforms to ASTM D-1056, Type 2 Class B, Grade 3
specifications. It is a preformed, low density, resilient material
that is UV stabilized.

Zorb-IT 4550 Sponge Nitrile

Crafted with our high-performance, chemical-resistant Zorb-IT technology, SHOWA 4550 glove absorbs oil and grease while still delivering a maximum long-lasting grip. This hand dryer is suitable for buildings where good dexterity and grip is required.