Back-to-wall bath - S62 by EUROBATH.COM.AU

A back to the wall, freestanding style, stone composite bath.
  • Back-to-wall bath - S62 by EUROBATH.COM.AU, NSW 2093

High quality, cast stone bath, engineered from 70% limestone and 30% limestone. Stocked in matte & gloss white, but special orders accepted for black or red. You could even paint or tile the platform yourself for a contrast.

Get a freestanding look but be able to fit it against the wall. Size is 1800L x 800W x 540H overall but the bath itself is 1650L x 750W x 540H.

Composite stone is heat retaining and announces quality without needing to touch to feel the difference. 

We have 22 different models of stone baths in stock. 

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