Sliding Gate - Run 1200 Hi-Speed by NICE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD

For sliding gates weighing up to 1200 kg.
  • Sliding Gate - Run 1200 Hi-Speed by NICE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, NSW 2192

Fast version (0.36 m/s) with electromechanical limit switch.

User-friendly: the BlueBUS technology enable power to control a maximum of 7 couples of photocells from the MoonBus series using two wires only.

Practical: the control unit and dedicated buffer battery kit (optional) can be connected by means of a simple connector and can be housed directly inside the motor.

Advanced: the temperature sensor adapts the motor force to weather conditions, setting the thermal cut-out protection accordingly; a master/slave selection automatically synchronises 2 motors, anabling the automation of sliding gates with two opposing leaves.

Intelligent: thanks to the obstacle detection system and automatic programming of the working times. Self-diagnosis by means of a flashing light. 8 programmation levels.

Safe: acceleration and deceleration can be adjusted at the beginning and end of each opening and closing manoeuvre.

Sturdy: aluminium release handle for easy opening. 

Very quiet: gear motor on bearings.

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