Solar lighting for minor roads by ORCA SOLAR LIGHTING PTY LTD

Solar road lights provide great lighting to areas that are looking to utilize a renewable source of energy. These powerful and versatile lights provide efficient lighting to roadways around any area.
  • Solar lighting for minor roads by ORCA SOLAR LIGHTING PTY LTD, QLD 4214

Solar lighting for minor roads reduces the risks of accidents and injuries to a great extent. It improves visibility and minimizes risks caused by pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It provides pedestrians the much-needed sense of security to step out after sundown. It is easy to install and designed to reduce the need for fossil fuel generation.

These solar lights are available in two lighting systems - Grid-connected and Stand-alone energy systems. Solar grid supply is well suited to a string of lights to be installed close to existing mains and where further trenching and cabling is easy. Stand alone is well suited to remote spots or where it is not viable to connect to the mains.

Product Features:

  • Stand alone, no trenching or cabling
  • Reliable all night light
  • 4-7 full nights battery backup
  • 5-year performance guarantee


  • Reduction in night accidents
  • Aid security
  • Improves the flow of traffic

Orca Solar Lighting provides solar outdoor lighting designed for minor roads, car parks, walkways, bikeways, open spaces, jetties, and marinas. The company has developed several relocatable and portable solar lighting systems for road works, building construction, and temporary infrastructure. Orca custom designs every solar lighting system for its particular requirements using a thorough process and access to the most suitable lighting technologies.

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